Machinable foams

The range

SBF, MHD and DIPLAC Machinable slabs were developed to meet the requirements of the modeling market as well as that of manual or numerically controlled machining.


SBF, MHD and DIPLAC foams are used for the creation of styling models, prototypes, tools and other decorative elements.

They can be treated and painted for a high quality finish look.

They can also be used as reinforcement or inserts in sandwich panels.


Available in standard blocks of the following dimensions :

ReferencesDensity (KG/M³)Length × widthThickness (mm)Hardness (shore)
SBF1001002500 x 120035030 shore (A)
MHD1501502000 x 1000100 / 150 / 2009 shore (D)
MHD2502502000 x 1000100 / 150 / 20018 shore (D)
MHD3503502000 x 1000100 / 150 / 20025 shore (D)
DIPLAC5005001000 x 75015035 shore (D)

Other specific dimensions and cut-outs are also possible on request.

Special requests

Variations of this range are also available for order: additional densities (80, 450 Kg/m³…).