The range

Low density SAITPUR polyurethane foams are available in densities ranging from 35 to 60 kg/m3. They were specifically developed to meet the requirements of the thermal insulation market. Their very low heat insulation coefficient (lambda ƛ = 0,021 W/m.°C) makes them an excellent choice for refrigeration applications.

Their high resistance to styrene is a great asset for their use as a core material for composite applications.


Low density SAITPUR foams are used as a thermal insulant for the manufacture of composite panels and pieces used in the conception of crates for isothermal trucks and cold rooms.

SAITPUR foams are very light. They are therefore suited for any type of machining for the creation of cores cavities in moldings, molds for orthopedics, material for sculpture, specific packaging shapes, etc. SAITPUR foams are CE-certified, proof of their performance as an insulation material for building applications.


Available in standard blocks of the following dimensions:

ReferenceLength × widthHeight
SP0352000 x 1000 or 2500 x 1200 / 1250800
SP0372500 x 1200 / 1250750
SP0402500 x 1200 / 1250750
SP0422500 x 1200 / 1250700
SP0502500 x 1200 / 1250500
SP0602500 x 1200480

SAITPUR foams can be transformed into panels, profiles or other shaped items. Other dimensions and specific cuts are available upon request.

Special requests

Special features are available upon request for this range: soft look for adhesive applications, high mechanical performance, economical foams with no specific characteristics, etc.