The range

PIRUNTEC polyisocyanurate foams were developed to meet the requirements of the industrial insulation market. Their very low heat insulation coefficient (lambda ƛ = 0,021 W/m.°C) makes them an excellent choice for thermal insulation and cryogenics applications.
They are fire resistant and have a closed cell ratio of over 95%.


PIRUNTEC foams can cover temperatures ranging from -200°C to +200°C. They are used in the manufacture of insulating elements as well as composite fire resistant insulating panels.
They can be found as end products for industrial insulation, Air Conditioning engineering, construction and as isothermal panels.

PIRUNTEC foams are CE-certified, proof of their performance as an insulation material for building and industrial applications.


Available in standard blocks of the following dimensions:

ReferenceLength × widthHeight
PIR0352500 x 1000 /1200800/600
PIR0372500 x 1200600
PIR0402000 x 10002500 x 1000 / 1200800600
PIR0422500 x 1000 / 1200600
PIR0502500 x 1000 / 1200600
PIR0802500 x 1000500
PIR100E2500 x 1000350

PIRUNTEC foams can be transformed into panels, profiles, shaped items such as shells, staves, bent tubes, tee pieces, reduction pieces, valve boxes, supports, etc.
Other dimensions and specific cuts are also available upon request.

Special requests

Special features are available upon request for this range: high temperature resistance, higher densities (60,150 Kg/m3) for structural applications, etc.