The range

PHENEXPAN phenolic foams were developed to meet the requirements of the insulation and construction markets. Their density is comprised between 40 Kg/m3 and 150 Kg/m3.

They are famous for their fire resistance and flame-retardant qualities which are largely superior to those of any other cellular material as well as the very low amount of smoke they emit in case of fire.
PHENEXPAN foams are Bs1d0 certified (Euroclass).


PHENEXPAN foams are resistant to mold and bacteria. They are therefore an ideal material for refrigerated water pipes.
They are mostly used in the fields of industrial insulation, climate engineering, cold insulation, the public sector or public access buildings (hospitals, hotels, etc.). They have a great capacity for shock absorption and are thus also used for the packaging of fragile items.


Available in standard blocks of the following dimensions:

ReferenceLength × widthHeight
PHX0402500 x 1000800
PHX0602500 x 1000600
PHX0802000 x 1000500
PHX1002000 x 1000350
PHX1202000 x 1000300
PHX1502000 x 1000250

PHENEXPAN foams can be transformed into panels, profiles, shaped items such as shells, staves, bent tubes, tee pieces, reduction pieces, valve boxes, supports, etc.
Other dimensions and specific cuts are also available upon request.

Special requests

Special features are available upon request for this range: higher densities (180, 250 Kg/m3 or other).