The range

SAITPUR medium density polyurethane foams range from 80 to 200kg/m³. They were developed to meet the requirements of the building and composites markets.

These foams are an excellent core and structural material due to their outstanding mechanical properties, especially with regards to compression.

They are also well suited for polyester lamination thanks to their high chemical resistance against most solvents and hydrocarbons.


Medium density SAITPUR foams can be used as core materials or structural reinforcements for the composites industry.

They are also very easy to shape and therefore suited for the creation of hollow cores, molds, models, sculptures, etc.

Their mechanical strength and light weight make them perfect for the conception of buoys.


Available in standard blocks of the following dimensions :

ReferenceLength × widthHeight
SPF0802500 x 1200400
SPF1002500 x 1200 / 1250350
SPF1202500 x 1200 / 1250350
SPF1502500 x 1200 / 1250300

SAITPUR foams can be transformed into panels, profiles or other shaped items. Other dimensions and specific cuts are also available upon request.

Special requests

Special features are available for this range upon request: soft look for paint applications, higher density for insulating pipe supports (200, 240 and 320 kg/m³) various profiles, etc.